US Presidential Elections 2024: Nikki Haley Trailing 4% Behind Donald Trump

Staying with the United states and presidential race is hitting up republican presidential candidate “Nikki Haley” is catching up to former us president Donald trump in the polls Nikki Haley has pulled four points of front runner trump in primary polls in New Hampshire the question is could Haley become the first female and first Indian-American president of the US according to American research group Paul which had asked voters whom they preferred in the new Hampshire primary Haley eared 29% support as compared to Trump who received 33% to Breck it down for you it means the gap between Haley and trump was only 4% Haley’s Strong showing in the American Research group survey comes a day after a poll form the saint anne college poll at found Haley had doubled her support in the state since September as a result cementing her as a clear alternate choice to trump for conservative voters

Haley’s strong Poll Showing appear to have drawn a mixed reaction from Trump who is separately contending with more than 90 criminal charges all this when he is seeking a second presidency trump has been reportedly asking his team about stopping Nikki Haley to serve as a vice presidential candidate

Haley was the US ambassador to the United nations after Trump won the presidency in 2016 but she resigned in 2018 prior to she was governor of south Carolina form 2011 to 2017

Why is Nikki Haley gaining momentum?

Nikki Haley’s surge in the primary race as the leading alternative to Trump gaining momentum has been attributed to several factors. According to David Kochel, a seasoned Iowa strategist, Haley’s strong performances in the first three GOP debates were well-received by likely primary voters, contributing to her rise. He also noted DeSantis’ impressive showing in post-debate polls.

Moreover, Haley has navigated a fine line in her critique of Trump, aiming to build a coalition inclusive of his supporters, as highlighted in an ABC News report. In a town hall, she praised Trump’s suitability as president for that time while acknowledging his role in creating chaos, emphasizing the need for the nation to move forward.

Her ascent in polls is also linked to significant endorsements she’s secured nationwide. Following an endorsement from Chris Sununu, a four-time Republican Governor in New Hampshire, Haley’s popularity surged in the state. Additionally, gaining support from influential conservative organizations like Americans for Prosperity has bolstered her standing.

Crucially, Haley has garnered backing from key donors such as Keith Rabois, an American tech executive who previously supported DeSantis, further fortifying her campaign.

Is Haley Capable of Defeating Trump?

Despite making some strides, Haley finds herself significantly trailing behind Trump in the national polls. According to the December New York Times-Siena College Poll, Trump garnered the support of 63% of likely primary voters, while Haley received only 12% backing. DeSantis secured the third position with 9% support.

In order to mount a robust challenge against Trump, Haley needs to broaden her support base considerably. A recent report by Reuters highlighted that Haley requires more backing from voters residing in rural areas, those from middle- or working-class backgrounds, or individuals without college degrees. Additionally, her prospects would be positively impacted if other contenders like DeSantis withdraw from the race. The report suggested that such a scenario “would allow her to try to unite the anti-Trump factions within the party, potentially attracting some of Trump’s supporters as well.”

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